Does Cognac Intimidate You? Not to Worry…Cognac for Beginners

on 26/10/10 at 11:06 pm


Few spirits pack more iconographic baggage than cognac. Mention its name and you’ll summon snifters and cigars, club chairs and club-goers. Smoking jackets, hip hop stars, and entourages; squat, cut-crystal bottles worth thousands, poured in libraries and dressing rooms where no luxury is spared. Forget Fernet and skip the scotch: Cognac is where Jay Z and Thurston Howell collide. Are you really going to turn down an invite to that party?

If you’ve steered clear of cognac out of fear that it’s too expensive, too cryptic, too old, or, frankly, too young for your blood — come back. It’s time to embrace the brandy.

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