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Cool American Artisanal Vodkas

on 30/10/10 at 9:57 am


Boozenews Editor’s note: Also check our the interview with distiller, Melkon Khosrovian of Greenbar Collective who make delicious, organic TRU vodka.

Distillers from Minnesota to Florida are making artisanal vodkas with homegrown ingredients like organic corn and maple sap. Here are four worth inviting into the liquor cabinet.

Enterprising American distillers are taking a spirit long associated with Eastern Europe—more specifically, with burly, bundled-up men drinking it by the tankard—and turning it into a homegrown favorite.

They’re making vodka that’s true to its regional origins and emphasizing the use of local ingredients for flavorings or as the spirit’s base. (Contrary to popular belief, vodka can be made from just about anything that’s fermentable, from potatoes to wheat to maple sap.) We tasted our way through four brands that are starting to show up on liquor store shelves.

Two things to keep in mind: 1) Availability varies from state to state; many of these and other American vodkas can also be purchased through such online retailers as klwines.com and astorwines.com, depending on your local shipping laws. 2) Creative cocktails are tempting, but for the most part, we preferred these vodkas straight—Russian-style.

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