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Corsair Named ‘Distillery of the Year’ by the American Distilling Institute

on 10/04/14 at 9:40 am


main_slide1It’s hard to believe that Corsair Distillery has only been around for six years, especially if you look at their trophy shelf. Since its inception, Corsair has won 92 medals and awards at international spirits competitions, including Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky award and the Wizard of Whiskey award.

Recently Corsair was awarded the highest honor in the craft distilling industry, the “Bubble Cap” award from the American Distilling Institute. The president of the ADI, Bill Owens, summarized the distillery’s impact succinctly, “No one has given more back to the distilling community than Corsair. No one has been more innovative, yet open. They are the future of craft distilling.” Wow, that’s high praise, and well-deserved.

Officially, the Bubble Cap is given to “the one distillery of the year that represents the very best in the world of artisan distilling: excellence in quality of spirits, innovation, transparency, authenticity of approach, sustained company growth, community involvement, and embodying the ethos of craft.”