Damn! World Gin Day was yesterday. No matter. Celebrate now!

on 15/06/14 at 11:16 am


Gin-and-Tonic-Image-Gin is so universally popular that it’s being recognized internationally on World Gin Day, Saturday June 14, celebrating “the junipery spirit that is gin” for the sixth year in a row. If you’re looking for get-togethers to celebrate the herbal spirit, you can check out the World Gin Day Facebook page or official website.

Where did gin come from: Invented in Holland, gin was introduced to Britain when Dutch-born William of Orange took the English throne in 1688.

Not-so-fun-fact: Originally designed for medicinal purposes, the elixir was a little too popular when first introduced to London pubs during the 18th century, that it was coined ”Mother’s Ruin” due to the large amounts of consumption. It was the first time when women and men were elbow-to-elbow in public drinking establishments, and it’s been said mums would get so tipsy that they’d forget to look after their children as depicted in English artist William Hogarth‘s engraving Gin Lane depicting a mother drunk on gin.

What is it actually: A distilled spirit that derives its flavor from juniper berries. London gin, or dry gin, differs in that it does not contain sweetener. Old Tom gin was the precursor to dry gin and is making a comeback. Gin is relatively inexpensive to produce, which adds to its appeal.

What gin should you be drinking: There are a number brands of gin, which Food and Wine whittles down to Five Gins for the Serious Gin Drinker. Our favorite is Broker’s, admittedly, because it has a fun bowler hat as a cap.