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More deliciousness: House-Infused Libations

on 11/11/10 at 11:22 am


When it comes to crafting cocktails, restaurants often have an advantage: With a fully stocked kitchen on the premises, there’s no limit to ingredients to whisk into delectable drinks, borrowing from seasonal produce and flirting with dishes prepared for the plate.

Physically distilling booze, though, is illegal without the proper license. House mixologists can dream up syrups, infusions and juices to their hearts’ content, but they’re limited to the base spirits stocked on their shelves.

There are, however, creative alternatives: schnapps and brandies. Both combine pre-existing spirits permeated with fruit or spices, which means the possibilities for flavor profiles are as vast as the types of fruits hanging from trees, and roots and leaves sprouting aromatic additives.

{Full story via Chicago Tribune}

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