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Different absinthe styles holds back category from growth

on 01/09/11 at 9:14 am


The vast array of different absinthe styles is holding the category back from growth, according to a leading distributor.

Peter Fuss, general manager of German firm LogisticX, distributes over 300 brands of the “Green Fairy” to markets around the world, yet is realistic in his assessment of claims the category is recording growth.

“People always want to hear positive news,” he told the drinks business, “but sometimes there is no dressing up the truth.

“It is not a growing market at the moment. I have many contacts at absinthe producers across Europe and I know the quantities they sell. In comparison to other spirits markets, it hardly even exists.”

This is not to say Fuss is pessimistic over the future of the category. Indeed, with a private collection of over 1,000 different brands, nobody wants to see absinthe become a success more than Fuss.

“We want people to learn about the different styles and different tastes absinthe can give you, the different production methods as nobody truly understands it except those in the absinthe industry and a few connoisseurs.

“Every producer will tell you theirs is the most authentic absinthe, but there are so many out there and they are all authentic in their own right.

“There are just as many styles of absinthe on the market now as there were in the 19th century, even those that use harmless artificial colouring in their products.

“In my opinion the only way to really differentiate them is to break them up into two categories – high quality and low quality. That is the best way for the consumer to understand.


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