Distillers recreating Washington's peach brandy

on 07/10/10 at 4:27 pm


Bubbles indicate that fermentation has begun on a vat of peach mash, part of the process of making peach brandy at George Washington's Distillery in Mount Vernon, Va., on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

George Washington may be best known as a general and statesman, but this week a group of experts was more interested in another one of the first president’s talents: making peach brandy.

In a reconstructed distillery at Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, a group from around the country spent Tuesday trying to recreate Washington’s drink. They used the same process that would have been used two centuries ago: keeping fires going to heat the liquid and transferring it by buckets instead of modern pumps.

“We didn’t get into this to get in the liquor business. It’s all educational,” said Dennis Pogue, who oversees historic research at Mount Vernon and oversaw the rebuilding of the distillery in 2007.

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