Flavored Whiskies Leading Spirits Market Growth In 2012

on 25/04/12 at 2:05 pm


Flavored whiskies were the fastest-growing spirits type in the U.S. market in the first quarter of 2012—rising 154.8% to 94,000 cases in Nielsen channels—and the segment figures to be a hotbed of both innovation and competition looking ahead.

The category (defined by Nielsen as including flavored whiskies and whisk(e)y-based liqueurs) includes three Impact “Hot Brands”: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, which sold 320,000 cases in 2011, its first year on the market; Jim Beam Red Stag, up 58% to 300,000 cases; and Wild Turkey American Honey, up 28% to 230,000 cases. Other category players like Evan Williams Honey Reserve and Cherry Reserve (which nearly doubled in combined volume to 100,000 cases) and 7 Crown’s Honey and Cherry extensions (which also nearly doubled, to 80,000 cases combined) have also seen rising sales.

“These brands are doing very well,” says Ed Callison, senior vice president, Wirtz Beverage Group. “It’s added a whole new category and we expect to see more flavors coming up.”


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