How to beat a whisky hangover before, during & after

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Dewar’s Stephen Marshall instructs whisky-obsessed Indians on how his people, the Scots, have handled hangovers down the ages.

Any whisky drinker will know that this golden, syrupy drink, with a backbone of 40-50 percent alcohol content, can inflict head-busting, red-eyed hangovers.

And Indians drink more whisky than any of their earthly neighbours — 131 million cases in 2010 that we know of.

So it is logical to assume that India also tops the list for consequent hangovers.

Here are some suggestions on how to beat the hangover before, during and after a whisky binge.

Scotsman Stephen Marshall confesses that, as a young boy, he once sneaked into his grandfather’s room, nicked a bottle and took a generous glug of what turned out to be a deadly whisky meant for cooking.

Since then he has become something of an expert.

As global brand ambassador for Scotch whisky major Dewar’s, Marshall was in Mumbai recently taking aficionados through a round of tastings in his kilt.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first

Whisky is far more likely to cause a hangover than say, vodka or white rum (double the chances with bourbon whiskey), and that’s because drinks that are darker contain a certain congener called methanol which thoroughly dehydrates and toxifies the body that absorbs it.

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