Irish Whiskey Competes With Scotch

on 26/11/10 at 11:32 am


Dating back to sometime in the 12th century, Irish whiskey was one of the first alcoholic beverages distilled in Europe and tends to be smoother and a bit sweeter than its Scottish brethren, rarely having the smoky peat flavor that Scotch is so known for. And while Irish whiskey doesn’t have nearly the rarefied air that single malt Scotch has, with devotees conducting exhaustive tasting and debate over the relative qualities of the different distilleries, it has just as good a pedigree.

What’s more, it has all the complex layered flavor whiskey is known for, far more reasonable prices, and a rich spicy warmth that stands apart from anything a bourbon or Scotch can offer. Sadly, these sterling qualities are only appreciated in large quantities around St. Patrick’s Day.

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