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Love iced tea? Love vodka? Gotta have it: Graham’s Texas Tea Vodka

on 06/10/14 at 4:50 pm

Uh oh, half gone

Uh oh, half gone

We, here, at BoozeNews.com don’t especially like flavored drinks be it coffee or booze so we approached this pretty bottle of Graham’s Texas Tea Vodka with a touch of, shall we say, skepticism. But drinking is our job, so we bit the bullet and sat down on a scorching hot day (there have been way too many of those) and were totally happily surprised!
We poured the tea vodka from the freezer into whisky tasting glasses and had it neat.  First sniff was a lovely tea note that didn’t make you think of anything artificial. It smelled like TEA. Then we sipped. We weren’t expecting it to be sweet but if we had paid attention to the label, it says so right on there: Sweet Tea Vodka. Anyhow, once we adjusted to the sweetness – we would have liked it a little less sweet but, whatever –  we kept sipping and sipping and, well, sipping. We then poured it over ice and pretended we were only drinking iced tea…you know…it was a hot day! Well, we liked it that way as well. Lemons would have been a nice addition but we didn’t have any.

Graham’s Texas Tea Vodka was awarded a Double-Gold medal by The Fifty Best in the “Best Flavored Vodka” awards for 2014. Graham’s Texas Tea is made with premium Nilgiri tea blended with turbinado sugar, Hill Country water and vodka, made by Treaty Oak Distilling Co. out of Austin, Texas where good things from Texas come from.

We say: this is a totally enjoyable flavored vodka. Go forth and get yee some!

Here’s a simple recipe to enjoy:

Graham’s Texas Tea John Daly

Grahams Texas Tea John Daly300

  • 2 oz Graham’s Texas Tea Vodka
  • 2 oz Fresh squeezed lemonade Lemon wheel

Mix well and pour over ice. Garnish with a lemon wheel or lemon peel.