Micro-distiller, Dry Fly Distilling, launches new wheat-based spirits

on 20/06/11 at 3:58 pm


Dry Fly Distilling, a premium small batch producer of vodka, gin, and whiskey in the US, has launched Washington Wheat Whiskey and Gin.

According to the company, the new gin has subtle hints of vanilla, butterscotch taste, which is made from soft Washington winter wheat, reports philly.com.

The gin is infused with juniper, coriander, and local aromatics such as dried Fuji apple, lavender, mint and hops, the company said.

Dry Fly’s new whiskey is also made from 100% wheat, a grain that is used in little quantity to soften a whiskey’s bite, and it is aged for two years in the barrels.

The company said, that both new gin and whiskey bottles are for online sale only, and has also specified that the purchase made on Monday will be delivered to the customer by the weekend.


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