Not your grandfather’s grappa

on 14/03/12 at 12:26 pm


If you think of grappa as a harsh after-dinner drink you have to swill down quickly as a shot, it’s time to re-explore this distilled spirit, made from the pomace of wine grapes.

New World producers are refining the spirit into something wholly enjoyable and diverse, an effective digestif that can also be paired throughout a meal.

Made in the Veneto region of Italy since the Middle Ages, grappa began as a by-product of winemaking, a spirit distilled from grape skins, seeds and pulp left over after the juice from the grapes had been pressed. It was fermented to between 80 and 90 proof.

“Everyone has that grappa story, that it tasted like jet fuel,” he said. “But we like the fact that sometimes it’s a hard sell. It gives us the opportunity to change people’s minds.”

He has been changing minds with such local grappas as those made by Muscardini Cellars, Germain-Robin, Araujo Estate, Spirit of the Harvest and Aqua Perfecta.


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