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Once and for all. What are the best whiskey glasses?

on 03/02/14 at 12:17 pm


glasses2-1024x370The best glass for whiskey is the glass in your hand.  Pour some whiskey in it and drink!  But if you’re serious about tasting and want to experience all of the subtlety that high end whiskeys have to offer, it might be worth getting a fancy whiskey glass or two.

Glencairn glass

Glencairn glass, the industry standard

When I first started drinking higher-end whiskeys, I looked around, and found the Glencairn glass.  It seemed to be the one all of the serious grown-up whiskey drinkers were using on video reviews.  It was well-reviewed on Amazon.  So I got myself a pair of them.

And for the most part, I liked it.  It definitely brought out more complexity, but I have to admit, I haven’t been 100 percent satisfied.  My main issue with the Glencairn glass is that when the whiskey is first poured, the nose is often overwhelmed by alcohol fume.  Something about the shape of the glass, the very thing that concentrates aromas, also concentrates the boozy nose burn.

That dissipates after ten minutes or so, but when I pour a glass of whiskey, I don’t want to be waiting around for ten minutes!  I have many virtues, but patience is not among them.  I want drinkie in my mouth now!

Also, I find that I bump my nose on it when I drink.  The opening is quite small, and my nose isn’t.  It’s a great glass, but there is some room for improvement.

So let’s see if we can find a better glass, shall we?