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Perfectionism in Martha Stewart’s Cocktails app

on 06/07/12 at 11:22 am


By Rachel Raczka
Boston.com Staff

Reviewing: Martha Stewart Cocktails
Available on: iPad, iPhone
Price: $0.99
Should you get it? Absolutely. And then invite me over for drinks.

The desire to play hostess kicked in when I hit my early 20s. Sterling silver serving trays, gilded rim cocktail tumblers, impractical but aesthetically adorable paper straws in every color of the rainbow … I felt well-equipped to hand out the swizzle sticks and call in the troops. Unfortunately, my specialty – gin and tonic with extra limes – was not exactly the height of cocktail sophistication.

So I turned to my muse in most situations like this one: Martha. (Martha, Martha, Martha.)

For what I consider a fair price, the Martha Stewart Cocktails app delivers the exact tutorial experience you would expect from Team Martha, with masterfully designed, detail-oriented, crisp, and clean cocktail-making instructions.