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Pisco Exudes The Spirit Of Peru

on 05/04/14 at 10:56 am


historia-del-pisco-sour-peruano-547x600Peruvians are passionate about pisco — and no one exudes that passion like Johnny Schuler, master distiller of Portón pisco.

“The essence of pisco is tradition, history, beauty, time and dedication,” he said. “In my opinion, pisco is the best spirit in the world.”

Every bottle of this colorless liquor is seeped in strong history, as pisco has been made in Peru for over 300 years. Pisco producers today respect the traditional style of distillation, and Schuler is especially proud of Portón’s exclusive pisco production process, which he deemed, “techno-artisanal” and incorporates a cutting-edge system based on those early methods.

The national spirit of Peru, Pisco is a clear liquid distilled from several styles of grapes, similar somewhat to brandy. Smooth, pure and deliciously potent (86 proof), this velvety beverage is an ideal base for mixing delectable cocktails, or sipping straight.

In recent years, libations made from this national treasure have been showing increased popularity in bars the U.S., and exhibit no signs of slowing. Mixologists are enthusiastically pouring the classic and frothy Pisco Sour and the light, refreshing Chilcano, along with other variations at artisanal upscale cocktail lounges and restaurants.