Remy Martin's new clear spirit at odds with the brand?!

on 05/11/10 at 9:52 am


The House of Rémy Martin has spent 286 years sealing its reputation as the leading cognac producer in the world. Generations of growers and master blenders have dedicated their lives to creating the brand’s rich, dark, hauntingly aromatic flavor profile, resulting in bottles prized by kings and proffered for thousands of dollars. After three centuries in the game, Rémy Martin is cognac. But their newest spirit, Rémy Martin V, is not.

Aimed at expanding the brand’s foothold with clubgoers, a subset of whom are wildly loyal cognac drinkers, Rémy Martin created this clear, unaged eaux-de-vie, combining cognac’s aromatics with a white spirit’s mixability. That’s the plan, anyway. Will it work?

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