Rock Town Distillery hopes to put Arkansas liquor on the map

on 09/10/10 at 6:51 am


At least up to this point in history, Arkansas isn’t necessarily known as a place for liquor production.

Sure, the Wiederkehr family have been making wine in Altus for a long time. And yes, Diamond Bear beer out of Little Rock makes a mean Presidential India Pale Ale (among other things). I really like the Curly Tail Pale Ale at Hog Haus, and I’m pretty sure that somewhere in Arkansas there must be some whiskey stills hidden beneath the canopies of trees and brush in backwoods areas.

For the most part though, when people around the country think liquor, they don’t think of Arkansas.

Phil Brandon, owner and head distiller for the newly-opened Rock Town Distillery in Arkansas is hoping to change that.

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