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Rum flavoured vodka to hit UK. Now, does this make sense?

on 27/03/12 at 4:03 pm


The world’s first vodka infused with rum will be launched on 31 March in the UK.

Brought to the market by Gannibal, the new product has been created by rum ambassador Ian Burrell using “ultra premium” vodka and concentrated rum flavour.

The vodka is made from “the world’s most expensive wheat” from Kazakhstan combined with Dankowski Diamond Rye – a sought-after Polish grain – and then distilled sixty-nine times in the last remaining Siberian traditional alembic still, according to the brand owners.

Following this the vodka is filtered through charcoal from the Apollo fir tree before a Caribbean rum is added and left to marry with the spirit for four weeks in silver lined vats.

This resulting product will go on sale through the Gannibal website on 1 April, following a launch at a “secret location” this Saturday.

It will be packaged in a crystal decanter.


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