Sandeman Challenges Cocktail Buffs to Create an Original Port Cocktail

on 20/05/11 at 10:56 am

Sandeman Mix it Up Challenges Cocktail Buffs to Create an Original Port Cocktail for the Chance to Visit Oporto, Portugal and the Historic Sandeman Cellars.

Do you enjoy the design of a good cocktail as much as the results in the glass?  Do you spend as much time behind the bar as in front of it?  Do your friends rely on you to create the drink of the night? If you fancy yourself a cocktail enthusiast, simply adding port to one of your signature cocktails could land you and a friend in Portugal.Sandeman, the world’s leading port and sherry company, is challenging cocktail enthusiasts to play mixologist and share their creations through the Sandeman: Mix it Up Contest.  Applicants must develop and submit an original cocktail that includes Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto, one of Sandeman’s finest ports.  The creator of the winning cocktail will receive two round-trip tickets to Portugal and the chance to visit the Sandeman Cellars in Villa Nova de Gaia.

The best new concoction will be selected by Dalio Calado — a renowned Portuguese mixologist who heads the cocktail consulting company, Classical Cocktails — based on taste, creativity and originality. While port was once considered the after-dinner drink of an older generation, it is being rediscovered by mixologists, propelled by a resurgent interest in the complex flavor, texture and color it can bring to a drink. “We are entering a new era of port enjoyment and we at Sandeman are thrilled to see that people are challenging convention by adding port to cocktails,” said George Sandeman, of the House of Sandeman. “In addition to being a classic port to drink on the rocks, Founders Reserve is a compelling component to add to cocktails, providing dimension, flavor and intense color.”

Though Sandeman Port is already a staple in experimental cocktail bars and high-end restaurants, the Sandeman Mix it Up Contest is looking to open up the world of port mixology to experienced and amateur cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Sandeman was founded in 1790 by port legend George Sandeman, and the traditions and expertise of creating the classic beverages have been passed down through seven generations of Sandeman’s descendants — right down to his namesake, current Chairman of the House of Sandeman, George Sandeman. As the creator of over 40 products, Sandeman is a leader in the fortified wine industry. The Sandeman Mix it Up Contest will help to display the accessibility of Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto to those who previously may not have been familiar with the product and will reiterate its quality to Sandeman connoisseurs.

To enter the Sandeman Mix it Up Contest, participants may visit to submit their original recipe and a photograph of the prepared cocktail by June 15, 2011 (11:59:59 PM EDT). For more information on Sandeman, please visit


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