Sherry Enjoys A Revival

on 21/11/10 at 11:09 am


In vogue: sherry houses such as Gonzalez Byass are working hard to appeal to younger consumers

Sherry, the unfashionable fortified wine, is enjoying a major revival, according to sales figures.

Often dismissed as a tipple enjoyed by grandmothers at Christmas, sherry is flying off the shelves and appearing on the menus of an increasing number of restaurants, as well as being championed by celebrity chefs.

Wine experts said they were thrilled by the renaissance of the Spanish drink, proving that British consumers were becoming ever more adventurous.

According to Marks & Spencer, sales of sherry have increased by 18 per cent compared with a year ago, mostly driven by younger drinkers. Other wine merchants reported that they too were selling far more of the drink than in the last couple of decades.

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