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Single-malt Whiskey from the Holy Land

on 30/12/13 at 1:51 pm


indexMilk & Honey Distillery founder: ‘We’ve seen how Israeli wine has done great things for Israel’s reputation and we’d love our whiskey to achieve the same’.

The year is 2014 and you’re in search of a traditional, fine, single-malt whiskey. Pick the bottle with the logo of a cow decked out in honey-bee colors. A look at the label and you’ll be delighted to find this Highlands-inspired flavorful whiskey comes from Israel and is kosher.

The Milk & Honey Distillery – Israel’s first single malt whiskey distillery – is not a fantasy. The Israeli spirit enthusiasts behind it are so serious about their traditional craft whiskey distillery that they’ve invested nearly $1 million of their own funds and ran a crowdsourcing campaign for another $65,000.

“We are dedicated to using traditional craft distilling techniques to make a high-quality whiskey in the Holy Land. Israeli whiskey that we can all be proud of,” according to the “Milk & Honey pact” on the team’s website.

They’ve got a seven-meter-tall copper 3,500-L spirit still now being handcrafted in Germany and another handmade 9,000-L wash still waiting to be used in a warehouse near Ashdod port.

And while the Israeli team is made up of whiskey enthusiasts, they made sure to hire a master distiller – world renowned James (Jim) Swan. Swan, who hails from Glasgow, has detailed knowledge about making the golden beverage and is the leading expert on whiskey production in warmer climates.