Six Great Grappas – From the Hudson Valley

on 19/03/14 at 12:41 pm


imagesUnder the Hudson Valley sun you may not find local trattorias nor olive groves, no Vespas darting down narrow alley ways, but you will find grappa. What was once the domain of the Ceasars and imbibed on the banks of the Arno, the Po or the Tiber, are now made from vineyards lining the shores of the mighty Hudson River. La Dolce Vita lives – on the Hudson!

The first to make distilled spirits, was not Tuthilltown Distilling (as many believe), but Warwick Valley Winery & distillery. Warwick Valley, the artisanal producer, who also helped to make cider so popular in the region, also started the spirits rage.

According to Jason and Jeremy, “It was our belief that the fruits grown from the fertile Hudson Valley could be made into the highest quality fruit brandies and liqueurs. In 2001, we applied for and received a grant to develop New York’s first fruit micro-distillery. Using the same principle that had brought success to the wine and cider, we created a line of Fruit Brandies and Liqueurs, American Fruits. Starting with the finest natural ingredients is the only way to achieve great quality in the finished products. It is this guiding principle that results in products that are reminiscent of the fruits from which they are made. American Fruits brandies and liqueurs are made to capture and preserve the essence of the fruit at its peak ripeness.”

They started off with fruit cordials and then went to eau de vie, and then finally to grappa.

But what is grappa?