Sobering: 2 Buyers Pay $160K Each for Bottles of Whisky

on 15/10/10 at 11:51 am


Whyte & Mackay has set a new record for the industry

A stiff drink deserves a stiff price.

In the case of one Scotch whisky, that price can now be measured in tens of thousands of dollars.

Whyte & Mackay distillers sold two bottles of their 64-year-old Dalmore Trinitas malt whisky for 100,000 pounds, or about $160,000, each today.

That’s about $5,600 for a single glass of the good stuff.

This is no ordinary swig-it-and-grimace whisky. Its tasting notes say it offers flavors including the “lingering sensation of vino dulce muscatel, treacle toffee, soft liquorice and roasted coffee”, The Guardian reported.

Only three bottles of the whisky were ever produced. They were made at a distillery on the Cromarty firth in northern Scotland and placed in white oak casks for a flavor that the distillery says will never be repeated.

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