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Tallarico Vodka: Too Pretty for the Freezer, Too Easy to Like

on 03/05/13 at 1:17 pm


imagesOk, so vodka’s known as the blank slate of spirits. Usually, one can’t tell the difference between one and the other. Well, I just opened a chill bottle of Tallarico Vodka, watched it pour into my chill tasting glass with a viscosity not seen in other vodkas…at least not in my circumscribed experience. Okay, I was surprised. It was delicious. A hint of sweetness and great mouthfeel. In fact, it doesn’t need a mixer…this is a sipping vodka. I had to have several tastes over a couple of days to make sure. Yup, I could drink this all day long. I won’t but you know what I mean. And the bottle is beautiful. Too pretty to put in the freezer but…