The Best Whisky Book Ever – A Must Read!

on 03/02/12 at 8:41 am


“Since I write a fair amount on wines and spirits, and especially whiskies, I have amassed a decent library of books on these subjects for reference. But until I got The World Atlas of Whisky as a gift from a friend (Thanks PG!), I had no idea what I was missing.

Author Dave Broom has already won the coveted and prestigious Glenfiddich Award for Drinks Book of the Year – twice – for his earlier works Drink! and Rum, and he is the editor of Scotch Whisky Review and editor-in-chief of Whisky Magazine: Japan. He has been writing on whisky for a quarter of a century and contributes regularly to the Daily Telegraph and many other UK publications. In short, he knows a wee bit about the water of life.

But knowing is not the same as telling, and this is where Broom excels – at imparting useful information. Booze can be a pretty dry thing to read about, and no amount of words like “Darjeeling tea,” or “kumquat peel,” will help anyone understand whisky.

Well, those words do appear here, in detailed flavor and tasting profiles of each whisky covered, but they are incidental to the larger missions which are describing the house style and major bottlings of very major whisky producer on earth, and even more importantly, giving concrete suggestions for what new things you should try if you already like something.”


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