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The French Laundry Finally Unveils Its Stellar Spirits Program

on 02/05/13 at 12:46 pm


imagesIncluded in today’s Inside Scoop print column is the ceremonious unveiling of the French Laundry‘s long-awaited spirits program. It’s something that’s been in the works for a while, and the 4-star Yountville restaurant has been quietly pouring prized liquors since re-emerging from its winter break earlier this year.

The idea of the spirits program, explains head sommelier Dennis Kelly, is to give guests one more avenue to enjoy the dining experience.

“[Thomas Keller] had this vision for this program. The program is created around the idea of after-dinner drinks, and especially to enjoy with cigars,” says Kelly. As the meal is nearing an end, guests will be presented with a mini-iPad with the spirits and cigar list (in full below) and given the option to enjoy one, or both, outside in the courtyard with their mignardises.

But before we get any further into the topic, let’s not bury the juicy part. Here is the spirits and cigar list as it currently stands. It is an impressive collection…