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The Hooch Life Launches Interactive American Whiskey Guide

on 28/02/12 at 1:38 pm


Discover the varied world of American bourbon, Tennessee, rye, corn, malt and wheat whiskey brands and cocktails with The Hooch Life Guide to American Whiskey.

The Hooch Life, a lifestyle website that gives enthusiastic drinkers ideas about what to drink, where to drink and how to drink, has consulted with industry experts to create The Hooch Life Guide to American Whiskey.

The interactive, online guide features all major American whiskey categories, including bourbon, Tennessee, rye, corn, malt and wheat. Users can explore the different types of whiskey and get expert product recommendations ranging from budget to premium, along with cocktail ideas selected by Hooch bartenders.

“American whiskey is really on the rise right now,” says Hannah Johnson, Assignments Editor for The Hooch Life. “Craft distillers are taking centuries of whiskey distilling knowledge and adding their own creative spin. The result is a diverse range of high quality whiskeys with unique flavors, and it’s something consumers can get excited about.”

“Not only do American distillers have the history and tradition of the big boys that have refined the whiskey-making process for hundreds of years,” says former Maker’s Mark master distiller Dave Pickerell and The Hooch Life contributor, “but we also have an incredibly large and vibrant craft community that is taking all of this knowledge and expanding it in new directions.”

With contributions from whiskey experts, including Robert Sickler, Master of Whisky from Diageo and Todd Leopold of Leopold Bros., whiskey drinkers will come to appreciate how the blend of different ingredients and distilling process creates whiskey’s many distinct flavors. Whether neat, on the rocks or with the recommended cocktails, spirits drinkers will experience a whole new world of whiskey.

About The Hooch Life
The Hooch Life, LLC, co-founded by Glenn Morey and based in Denver, Colorado, is the owner and operator of TheHoochLife.com. From nearly 30 categories of spirits and brand recommendations, classic cocktail recipes, Hooch Approved Bar recommendations, and home bartending and entertaining, The Hooch Life gives people ideas on what to drink, where to drink, and how to drink. With a focus on the emerging appeal and popularity of American craft spirits, The Hooch Life creates and distributes content developed by its national network of bartenders, writers, photographers and industry experts.


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