The science & art of whisky making: How base beer is transformed into golden whisky – the drink of angels & hairy Scotsmen

on 07/09/10 at 11:12 pm


The men from Glenfiddich taste their 50-year-old whisky. Photograph: John Paul/PR

… drinking whisky  is never about just drinking whisky; we’re social creatures and we tend to drink in a social context… Even if we rsesort to drinking alone, we drink with memories and ghosts.” Iain Banks

“If you are lucky enough to be reading this with a glass of whisky in your hand then take a second to regard the contents of your glass. Is it a pale golden or dark ruby colour? Does it greet your nose with memories of heather moorland or salty coastlines? Is your mouth filled with a honey sweetness or a dark acrid smokiness? All of these and many more are possible from the most multifaceted of spirits known variously as whisk(e)y, liquid sunshine, and the water of life.”

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