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The World’s Most Expensive Whiskey

on 04/06/11 at 11:11 am


If this isnt the vice of choice, there aint one.

Referred to by its makers as “water of life”, Isabella’s Islay has been designed and then crafted with White Gold, Diamonds, Rubies and the finest hand-cut crystals. With single-malt cask strength, no chill filtering, no additives or colouring, Isabella’s Islay from the Island of Islay, claims to be the finest Scotch whiskey has to offer.

Available in two editions, Original and Special, Isabella’s Islay is produced by the Luxury Beverage Company from the United Kingdom.

The makers of the super-luxurious whiskey said in a statement “Given the exceptional growth in the luxury whiskey and beverage market particularly in developing economies, this product was crafted to take the whiskey and beverage market to a new level for the first time combining premium whiskey and finest crystal with gold and diamonds encrusted by the most respected jewellers in London, this is the first time this has been done in the world whiskey market.”

Available Editions

The original edition of Isabella’s Islay Whiskey is considered the ultimate combination of the art of the jeweller, the hand of the craftsmen and the skill of the whiskey maker. With diamonds encrusted on its entire surface, the bottle of this edition boasts lettering in rubies along its bottom, while the decanter’s stopper is made from the finest white gold and the bottle’s neck from the choicest English crystal.

And while these precious stones construct only what is visible to the eye, the decanter is worth way more, with the entire assembly first made from English Crystal, and covered with pure white gold before being covered with diamonds.

Itching to know what this beauty costs ? £3.8 million ($6.2 million). Given the 8500-odd diamonds, 300 rubies and all the white gold and crystal that goes into the making of the decanter, are you surprised ?

The company also offers the Special Edition Whiskey, that retails for U.K £470,000 (U.S $740,000), in a decanter made of the finest English Crystal.


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