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U.S. double standard holds up English whisky export

on 26/06/11 at 2:09 pm

MOST Scots won’t give a dram, but an English whisky producer is claiming to be the victim of US double standards.

UK officials are urging their American counterparts to rethink a policy that effectively bans the firm from selling its product across the Atlantic.

St George’s Distillery in Norfolk made history in 2009 by producing the first single malt to be made in England for more than 120 years.

The East Anglian tipple has impressed a number of connoisseurs, including Prince Charles, and has already become a hit in whisky-loving Japan.

But the owners of the English Whisky Company claim they are being prevented from entering the lucrative US market.

The US authorities have ruled the spirit cannot be classified as a single malt whisky as it was matured in recycled, rather than new, oak barrels.

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