Virginia: New distillery carves out rare niche – organic and kosher

on 04/11/10 at 10:00 am


A mom-and-pop distillery that recently sprouted in the heart of Loudoun County wine country is not only organic, but is said to be the first legal hard-liquor operation in the county since before Prohibition.

The Catoctin Creek distillery, located in Purcellville, is also distinctive in another way, as indicated in part by the telltale word “L’Chaim!” appearing on the business’s website.

Catoctin’s founders, Becky and Scott Harris, are not Jewish, but a segment of their target audience certainly is. Hence the hearty Hebrew salutation and the official certificate declaring the business kosher — making Catoctin one of the world’s few distilleries with that status, according to Rabbi Tzvi Rosen of Star-K, which supervises kashrut at the operation.

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