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Want a Chicago liquor license? Here’re some legal tips

on 09/02/11 at 9:23 am


In this article we look at a number of the advantages and disadvantages of having a Chicago Liquor License Application and a few of the things that you should really consider in the event you do determine to serve alcohol. We also provide you with an insight into the license application process.

Restaurant Liquor Markup

Alcohol sales can offer you your restaurant organization substantially far better profit margins than food as a consequence of the high markup possible and also the minimal preparation time involved. Some restaurants make as much as two thirds of their earnings from alcohol sales. In case you are lucky adequate to have clientele that purchase premium wines then the profit possible may be thoughts blowing.

Give some thought to Your Idea and Market

Take into account your restaurant idea when deciding on the type of alcoholic beverages which you need to deliver on your menu. If you’re a Mexican restaurant then naturally you must stock Corona Beer and supply proper cocktails including Margaritas.

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