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What’s old is new again…a dry shake for cocktails

on 18/07/11 at 6:35 am


About five years ago, when I was conducting a bartender-training workshop, a certain Chad Solomon, then a bartender at New York’s Pegu Club, introduced me to the dry shake. It was a pivotal moment for me.

The dry shake – shaking a cocktail containing egg white without ice in order to properly emulsify the ingredients before adding ice and re-shaking – makes complete scientific sense, and any cook or chef worth his or her salt understands this. But very few bartenders understood this at the beginning of this century, and when Solomon brought this piece of methodology to my attention, I started to realize that the game was changing.

Yes, many of the techniques employed by present-day bartenders are less than a decade old, and much of what is common today – homemade bitters and tinctures, for instance – were very hard to find prior to the dawn of this century.



{FULL STORY via San Francisco Chronicle}

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