Whiskey warms our heart

on 28/09/10 at 10:52 am


Whisky cocktail

A shot of Jameson. The bartender slides a glass onto to the bar and pours. The smell is a little sweet, malty. Then the drink, warm and biting, and the glass is knocked down onto the bar in some kind of victory.Whiskey isn’t easy, isn’t light and doesn’t really go with Red Bull. But if you give it some time and a cocktail or two, whiskey can change your mind about your standard drink.

What was once the hallmark of grandfathers, businessmen trying to impress and the Irish is now a go-to for people looking for more value for their dollar. Whiskey (and its many incarnations including bourbon, rye whiskey and scotch) is growing in popularity at bars around the U.S. because of its robust flavors and frequent use in classic and experimental cocktails.

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