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Will Tequila Learn from Scotch Whisky’s Marketing Mistakes?

on 21/05/15 at 3:06 pm


indexDespite the market split, the Tequila category is on the cusp of its own boomtime. But, the positioning of the mixto sector compared to 100% agave carries echoes of Scotch whisky past-tendency to hype single malts to the expense of blends. And now, Scotch volumes are suffering. Will Tequila make the same mistake? Richard Woodard investigates.

As we near the mid-point of 2015, this should be Tequila’s time. Not because every market on the planet is booming for Mexico’s national spirit – that’s far from the truth – but because current consumer trends are playing neatly into the hands of the agave jimadors and their paymasters.

Tequila has its challenges – a glance at the just-drinks/IWSR Global Tequila Insights report will tell you that – including a disastrous Russian market and, most obviously of all, a huge geographic imbalance in sales terms. The US now accounts for more than half of global volumes, and is continuing to build share. Mexico adds another 30%-plus, meaning that, barring these two markets, planet Earth drinks well under 5m cases of Tequila a year.