Wm Grant & Sons Sez More Canadian Women Enjoying a Wee Dram!

on 23/01/12 at 11:24 am


With Robbie Burns Day just around the corner, bartenders across the country from Vancouver to St. John’s have confirmed that more women are ordering more Scotch. Industry experts have also substantiated the findings that lead us to expect the lassies will be joining the laddies in orders of a wee dram on Robbie Burns Day, January 25th.

Nothing could make the women who work with William Grant & Sons more excited. Beth-Anne Perry, National Brand Manager of William Grant & Sons in Canada (Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, Grant’s, Tullamore Dew) says, “Over my past 9 years in the spirits industry, I have seen more and more women coming out to the scotch seminars and education classes.” Perry added that “it’s an exciting time for us in the category, where women are appreciating and exploring both single malts and blended whiskies. I am proud to represent the world’s #1 and most awarded Single Malt, Glenfiddich.”

Jan Westcott, President & CEO at Spirits Canada said “There is definitely strong anecdotal evidence that women are drinking more whisky. It is a recent phenomenon and we are hearing it both from the industry and from various liquor board product consultants.”

Alan Sayne, President of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society recently interviewed with MSNBC.com, “There are so many different styles now and a wide range of flavors and aromas, there really is something for everyone. That variety has made more whisky drinkers out of women.”

Some quick facts about scotch drinking women in Canada:

        --  According to a survey conducted by Ipsos Reid for William Grant & Sons,
            30% of serious whisky drinkers are women.
        --  Whisky Live - The world's premier whisky tasting show that comes to
            Canada every Fall confirmed a 10 %+ increase in women participants from
            2010 to 2011. They attribute the increase to a scotch renaissance and
            whisky cocktails.

Right alongside the increased interest in whisky, more women are playing growing role in the distilling industry. William Grant & Sons, CEO Stella David has been with the company since 2009. In an industry that was historically dominated by men, she is one of a few women executives in the business that have taken leading roles.

The scotch industry has a lot to celebrate this Robbie Burns day, so here is to an elegant wee dram and a toast to the lassies.


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