World’s First Spirits Competition for Small Brands

on 31/08/11 at 4:32 pm


MicroLiquor Spirit Awards is the World’s First Spirits Competition for Small Brands. MicroLiquor Spirit Awards sponsored by Flow Design provides professional and confidential feedback on product quality, packaging and design, and overall value.

Liquor entrepreneurs, brand managers and marketing professionals have the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial thought and insight to their brands while enjoying the benefits of competition.


Liquor brand sells less than 50,000 9-Liter Cases
or less in the USA.


1. MicroLiquor will judge quality of spirit.
2. Flowdesign will judge brand packaging and design.
3. MicroLiquor and Flowdesign will judge overall value


Triple Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Triple Gold will be awarded to brands that earn Gold Medals for both quality and packaging & design and overall value equals or exceeds price point.

Each brand will receive confidential written feedback from MicroLiquor & Flowdesign. Winners will receive medal artwork.


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