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Would you drink alcohol-free whiskey? Huh?

on 03/08/12 at 10:20 am


“Neither would we. But ArKay Beverages Inc. has just introduced the world’s first (sometimes you’re first for a reason) “alcohol-free whiskey-flavored drink.”

It’s touted as an option for enjoying whiskey without all those pesky calories. And hangovers. The beverage undergoes no fermentation or maturation, so there’s no alcohol or sugar. So you can drink as much as you want without getting impaired. Obviously there’s some natural application for whiskey-lovers who can no longer drink for health reasons. But given the fact that alcohol, sugar and maturation produce all of whiskey’s flavor, we’re hard-pressed to think ArKay’s booze-less option truly tastes like the whiskeys we know and love.”

FULL STORY via Cocktail Enthusiast