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• Why Does Beer Smell So Delicious?

Why Does Beer Smell So Delicious?

Scientists have discovered why beer smells so good — and it has nothing to do with us. Beer, that living, breathing elixir, smells the way it smells to appeal to a totally different species. A pair of Belgian researchers (where else could they be from, right?) has accidentally stumbled on the answer to a question […]

• Sour Beer—Worth the Risk?

Sour Beer—Worth the Risk?

Sour beer has two holidays in September, which is quite apt. Sour beers have been becoming increasingly popular lately, and are spreading out from the specialty beer stores and onto the grocery store shelves. A complicated and somewhat dangerous beer to brew, sour beer is very old—dating from the time when brewers were not quite […]

• Get to know Terrific ‘American’ Belgian ales

Get to know Terrific ‘American’ Belgian ales

Maine’s Allagash makes some of the best around. Here’s a beer-related new year’s resolution for you (no, it’s not too late): Get to know Belgian ales. And here’s an easy way to do it: Get to know Allagash Brewing Co. Allagash’s best-known product also happens to be one of the most popular Belgian ales: Allagash […]