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• The Ultimate Bloody Mary and Brunch All in One

The Ultimate Bloody Mary and Brunch All in One

After a big night out, basic activities like eating and drinking need to be easy—possibly even combined. This hangover cure hands you your recovery cocktail and breakfast sandwich in one. It doesn’t get easier than that. Where: Buffalo & Bergen at Union Market, Washington DC What it is: Mixologist Gina Chersevani’s incredible version of a Bloody called Lox’d […]

• YES! Beer for Breakfast.

YES! Beer for Breakfast.

  The first beer probably started off as breakfast. A Mesopotamian farmer pushed aside his half-eaten bowl of the morning’s wheat-and-barley gruel, set out on a hunt and returned a day or two later to find his porridge foamy, fermented and magically delicious: a grand reward for forgetfulness. What our ancestors knew, and we sometimes […]