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• Your Environment Has Profound Effect On Taste

Your Environment Has Profound Effect On Taste

The environment in which you experience a wine has a “profound” effect on how you will perceive it to taste, according to an Oxford University professor. Speaking to the drinks business during an experiment into the effect of colour and sound on flavour perception, Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, said: “Lighting […]

• Ambience can affect taste & flavour of your booze

Ambience can affect taste & flavour of your booze

In an experiment researchers found that participants’ ratings of the smell, taste and flavour of a whisky changed by ten to twenty per cent depending on the environment they were drinking it in. Manipulating people’s senses with environmental triggers can have a significant effect on the taste of whisky, they concluded. Charles Spence, Professor of […]

• Whiskey tastes better in a wood room, study finds

Whiskey tastes better in a wood room, study finds

If you don’t like the way your whiskey tastes, try going into another room. Changing where you’re enjoying whiskey can enhance a person’s experience by up to 20%, an Oxford University study has found. Researcher Charles Spence ran multi-sensory tests using Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky in a specially designed bar in London. The 441 […]

• Experts fail Champagne taste test

Experts fail Champagne taste test

Wine experts can’t tell the difference between white and rosé Champagne in blind tastings. An experiment using a range of Champagnes served in black glasses showed that experienced tasters and wine commentators can’t distinguish different styles of Champagne, or indeed, red grapes from white. Using Pernod Ricard Champagnes such as Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Blanc de […]