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• Cocktail culture through the decades

Cocktail culture through the decades

As visitors to the Norton Museum of Art’s new exhibition, “Cocktail Culture,” are aptly informed, Christian Dior once called the cocktail “the symbol par excellence of the American way of life.” The Norton’s exhibition — modeled on a similar show put on last year at the Rhode Island School of Design — seeks to point […]

• Rhode Island: Intoxicating ‘Cocktail Culture’ at the RISD Museum

Rhode Island: Intoxicating ‘Cocktail Culture’ at the RISD Museum

Giddiness. Light-headedness. Euphoria. If those aren’t feelings you normally associate with museum exhibitions, “Cocktail Culture: Ritual and Invention in American Fashion, 1920-1980,” a new exhibit opening Friday at the RISD Museum, may just change your mind. Indeed, the show, which explores the role of drinks and drinking in American life from the Jazz Age through […]