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• Video Shows Shelf Collapse Topples Almost 7,000 Wine Bottles

Talk about not being able to hold your liquor. Superior Discount Liquor had an unexpected and dramatic inventory reduction earlier this year when a shelf running the length of the store gave way, sending 6,810 bottles of wine and champagne hurtling to the floor. The collapse flooded the store and sent two nearby workers scurrying […]

• Chinese Wineries Shut After Adulterated Wines Exposed

Chinese Wineries Shut After Adulterated Wines Exposed

China’s Hebei Province shut down nearly 30 wineries on Friday morning after wines made in the wineries were exposed on national television as adulterated, reports Xinhua news agency. The local government acted after China Central Television Station (CCTV) showed wines made in the province’s Changli County as containing impurities on a show Thursday evening. Hebei […]