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• UPDATE: Chicago Brewery renames Trump beer, “F*ck Your Hair”

UPDATE: Chicago Brewery renames Trump beer, “F*ck Your Hair”

UPDATE FROM PREVIOUS POST: 5 Rabbit Cerveceria dumped Trump over recent comments about Mexican immigrants even though it meant losing business. The brewery was making a house beer for Trump Tower’s Rebar but wouldn’t think of continuing to do business with the ignoramus under the circumstances. The owners of the brewery are Latin American and […]

• Costa Rica: Wine’s New Frontier?

Costa Rica: Wine’s New Frontier?

The global winemaking map may soon be due for another expansion, as plans are being laid to build the first winery in Costa Rica. Kerry Damskey, Napa Valley winemaker and consultant to Sula Vineyards in India, has revealed that he is currently assessing the suitability of a particular site in Costa Rica for viticulture, confident […]