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• Single-Serving Wine for Sipping Small

Single-Serving Wine for Sipping Small

Buy me some pinot and Cracker Jack! Pinot grigio, California merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay are now sold in sealed single-serve plastic goblets. Next month, Zipz, the company behind this new format, will introduce them at baseball stadiums, including Citi Field (hear that, Mets fans?), and at wine shops. A couple of entrepreneurs in Miami […]

• NY: Wine Shop Serves Gummi Bears in Mezcal. Yum.

NY: Wine Shop Serves Gummi Bears in Mezcal. Yum.

Ever wonder what vending machine candy pairs best with an artisanal Scotch? Bottlerocket wine and spirits shop is offering at least five free trick-or-treat-style bites and booze Saturday. That artisanal Scotch, the Compass Box Whiskey, will go with Cracker Jacks in order to enhance its caramel notes. Apple cinnamon donuts will be matched with Wolffer […]