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• Give Your Cocktails A Kick With Flavored Ice Cubes

Give Your Cocktails A Kick With Flavored Ice Cubes

“We admit it — we were a bit surprised to find out that ice cubes may be one of the most searched-for recipe terms on Google. After all, when did ice cubes get fancy? When did ice become an integral part of your drink? But with the innovative ice cube trays that are coming out (yes, even a Star Wars one), […]

• Cocktails: Ice is Hot

Cocktails: Ice is Hot

When I order a Manhattan, which has become my drink of choice, and see those inch-square cubes that glisten like zircon in the amber liquid, I know the restaurant is serious about cocktails. With the proliferation of high-end bars and restaurants, these once-rare cubes are becoming more commonplace. It’s easy for a consumer to disregard […]