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• Boozy Popsicles: Easy Peasy Recipes

Boozy Popsicles: Easy Peasy Recipes

We’re not much for trendy desserts. With the exception of the cronut phenomenon, we’re just not going to wait in line for sweets or spend hours creating molecular, freeze-dried, gold-plated dishes. Just give us our ice cream and leave us alone, thanks. But, that doesn’t mean we’re not open to a little twist on an […]

• Spiked Desserts: 75 Booze-Infused Party Recipes

Spiked Desserts: 75 Booze-Infused Party Recipes

I don’t know about y’all, but I like to have my cake…and drink it too. Let me rephrase, if I can get drunk off of a cupcake, best believe  I’m going to do it. Thanks to amateur seamstress and author Peg Couch, we now have a recipe book at our disposal that highlights 75 Booze-Infused […]