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• “a woman walks into a bar…” It’s all Greek (wine) to me!

“a woman walks into a bar…” It’s all Greek (wine) to me!

The Greeks rolled into town this week – not in a Trojan horse though that would have been okay had it been filled with wine. They were on their last leg of a wine promotional tour of the U.S. and we were the lucky recipients of their promotional largesse. Having had wine in Greece, lo, […]

• Ancient Greek wine tasted…how?

Ancient Greek wine tasted…how?

Dionysus, son of Zeus, is known to the world as the bringer of wine. His visage can been seen today on the Sommelier’s pin, a symbol of respect to wine’s contribution throughout history. It seems appropriate too: both of Dionysus’ personalities of extreme pleasure and unthinking rage fit rather perfectly when describing the effects of […]

• Top 10 Wine Saints

Top 10 Wine Saints

Throughout mankind’s early history peoples of various civilizations constantly sought to personify the world around them and the food and drink it provided. Wine, beer, grapes and grain, as fruits of the land, were usually represented by deities connected to fertility or pleasure – sometimes both, with all the scurrilous ideas surrounding Dionysus and co […]