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• Infused Booze Front and Centre

Infused Booze Front and Centre

Infused liquors are becoming more popular every year. Most restaurants have the standard Smirnoff Vanilla, Absolut Peppar, and Captain Morgan on the rail. In addition to these, many independent establishments offer specialty infusions. Bartenders and mixologists use their knowledge to create unique flavour combinations to tantalise our taste buds. Recently I spoke with Justin Cardwell, […]

• The Secret Life of Hops

The Secret Life of Hops

You probably know that hops provide much more to craft beer than just bitterness, but how much do you really know? After a recent trip to¬†Hopunion’s Hop & Brew School in Yakima, WA,¬†CraftBeer.com’s Andy Sparhawk returned with his mind officially blown! Here are just a few of his revelations about this amazing plant: Hops grow […]